Our Company

License To Chill PH is one of the most trusted ventilation and air cooling companies in the country.

Established in 2012, License To Chill PH provides HVAC & Energy solutions to multinational companies, smaller enterprises as well as residential clients. We are meticulous with our product selection to ensure items are readily available from our partners.

We have a deep understanding and coverage of the industry. Leverage our established partnerships with some of the finest global brands in the market.

Our team is composed of a roster of people who include young and highly skilled professionals who were chosen with utmost care.

We take pride in making sure your vents and air cons are clean to prevent any respiratory related diseases from occurring.

Our Mission

1. To be the leading Air Con Cleaning and Maintenance Company
2. To be a nationwide Company providing quality service and satisfaction guarantee to our customers
3. Real time projects provisioning at affordable costs for small to large sized businesses
4. To enlighten our clients the risks of health and safety when not regularly cleaning Air Ducts and Vents
5. To remind our clients to get their Air Cons serviced 2-3x a year
6. To prevent Respiratory Diseases via dirty appliances

Our company has completed and successfully delivered different aircon projects and services in Hospitals and Clinics, Hotels and Restaurants, Power Plants, Manufacturing Firm, Laboratories, Schools and Universmities, SPA and Parlors, Cargo and Airlines, Television and Radio Stations, Government Agencies, Land and House Developers, Malls, Entertainment and other establishments.

Keep your family and colleagues safe and book with us today.

Breathing Manila air is bad enough, don’t delay call us today and book a cleaning or installation service today!

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