Best Air conditioner brands for commercial use

Best Air conditioner brands for commercial use

In order to make the perfect choice, you need to conduct a research first so you to get the best commercial air conditioner . Once you have an idea of the air conditioning needs of your commercial premises, you will be better positioned to choose the right brand of air conditioner.

To aid you in this essential stage of your search, we have compiled an overview of the best air conditioner brands available today for commercial use.


LG air conditioners are incredibly energy efficient and offer businesses increased control over their energy usage. Whether it is single or multi-split, all models have an Active Energy Control function. This brand is one of the best in the world for large commercial spaces.

Reliability – With LG units, there is a focus on innovative features over unit reliability. That’s not to say that this brand isn’t reliable. Amongst the global giants, all brands at this end of the spectrum can be classed as reliable.

Design – LG offer air conditioners for large industrial spaces which favor function over form, as well as elegantly styled units for contemporary spaces.

Airflow – LG air conditioners offer both horizontal and vertical air flow adjustment.

Range – The LG range is expansive. They cater to practically every commercial requirement and thus have a selection to match.

Noise level – LG boast a low operating sound of 19dBA on certain air conditioner models, including noise reduction on the outdoor units.

Bonus features – Depending on the model, LG units have a wide range of air filtration features, including auto-cleaning systems and purification.

Mitsubishi Electric

A world leader in both commercial and residential air conditioning solutions, the Mitsubishi Electric range of air conditioners is broad enough to be a one-stop-shop for even the most complex of internal commercial environments. Wall-mounted, ceiling mounted, ducted or split-type; regardless of the ranging needs of your commercial premises, there will be an air conditioner in their range that should be suitable.

Reliability – This is where the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners excel. Mitsubishi Electric make extremely reliable air conditioners and rate highly as a brand for follow-up care.

Design – Their air-conditioning units are modern, aesthetically pleasing and sleek in design. Along with traditional white, their air conditioners are also available in black and silver.

Airflow – Mitsubishi Electric units have horizontal vanes specifically designed to push air further into a room in a wide and long pattern, making them quite effective in large spaces.

Range – There is a Premium and Classic Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner range to suit varied budgets.

Noise level – Some Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners operate as quietly as 19dBA.

Bonus features – Depending on the model, some units offer Wi-Fi connectivity for remote access, air-cleaning filters which remove bacteria and odor removal filters.


The brand Daikin is another well-known world leader when it comes to air conditioner design. The main selling point of the Daikin range is its flexibility. Their HVAC solutions can be tailored more easily to your needs with many varieties of air conditioners and a host of in-depth features.

Reliability – Daikin are known for their reliable internal parts and offer one of the longest warranties of any air conditioner brand.

Design – These air conditioners are designed to look elegant and stylish with gentle curves.

Airflow – Daikin air conditioners treat the air to a range of purifying and cleaning stages and is of particular benefit to asthma suffers.

Range – Daikin have good quality offerings across a broad spectrum of price ranges with the amount of features determining the end price.  Their high-end air conditioners are particularly good value for money.

Noise level – The large air conditioners can be quite noisy, with the quietest offerings from Daikin registering about 58dBA.

Bonus features – Some Daikin air conditioners have a Super Efficiency energy rating of 7 stars. Some models also possess human sensor controls, detecting room occupancy and reacting accordingly.


Another leader in technology, Panasonic bring their expertise and know-how to air conditioners with their modern and sophisticated offerings. Whether your commercial property chooses window air conditioners or split type systems, ducted or unducted, all Panasonic models are packed with features.

Reliability – This brand manufactures durable air conditioners with all models being shock resistant.

Design – Panasonic air conditioners are designed incredibly well. The technology in operation within their units means that air is conditioned to the highest quality.

Airflow – Using Econavi, certain Panasonic models have intelligent eco sensors which control air flow most efficiently.

Range – Panasonic air conditioners are mid to high-end with a price tag that will reflect this. But customers will be benefitting from a multitude of clever features and functions.

Noise level – This brand is reasonably quiet with the smaller air conditioners producing around 45dBA.

Bonus features – Panasonic smart controls are arguably the most technologically advanced, with smart directional features included in some models. Air cleaning and purifying also come in a number of their units.

Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General are pack leaders when it comes to cramming their air conditioners full of the best and latest technology. Smart sensors, intuitive air conditioners and 5-star energy ratings make for a comfortable indoor environment, no matter the weather.

Reliability – Fujitsu are world leaders due to the reliability of their air conditioners. From small, wall mounted units to large HVAC installations, this brand is as reliable as they get.

Design – This brand is technology heavy in design and application with vast amounts of features available.

Airflow – Fujitsu General air conditioners have entire suites of settings for airflow, such as auto adjustment of flow and positioning of louvers.

Range – Their range is one of the most vast, with ceiling and floor cassettes, wall mounted units and ducted and multi-type systems. They have three tiers of models – Classic, Lifestyle and Designer – with prices ranging from low to quite high.

Noise level – Some models feature a ‘low noise mode’, with most air conditioners from Fujitsu General being described as whisper-quiet at 42dBA.

Bonus features – While most are programmable, some models in the Fujitsu General range feature human sensors, sleep timers and economy modes for extra energy-efficiency.


Even in the Philippines, Kelvinator’s big selling point is bringing “American quality” and standards of comfort to your property. The range of air conditioners from Kelvinator, part of the Electrolux Group, come in both split systems and wall mounted air conditioners. They rate highly in overall satisfaction by providing a strong product at a cheaper cost.

Reliability – Kelvinator make durable, reliable and energy-efficient air conditioners, especially their split system models.

Design – Their range of air conditioners are stripped down in design with the focus being on convenient and effective internal features and functions.

Airflow – Kelvinator air conditioners benefit from BioFresh filtration technology. Air is purified and sterilized whilst being deodorized and conditioned.

Range – They are a budget air conditioner brand and offer a relatively modest range. However, models vary in size to accommodate both small and large commercial spaces.

Noise level – The decibel rating of Kelvinator units tend to be around the 50dBA range, which is quieter than a low conversation.

Bonus features – As one would expect from a budget range, they don’t come with too many additional features. But most Kelvinator air conditioners feature LCD remotes, digital displays and air-purification filters.

All of the above brands offer reliability, quality and a wealth of expertise when it comes to air conditioning. In the end, the right choice will come down to your budget and what particular features, if any, your commercial premises needs. With that in mind, you can easily find the ideal air conditioner at the best possible cost.

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